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Resource Bulls
Background Verifications
We believe that every relationship must start with honesty and truthfulness.To that extent we make sure that we perform extensive background checks on every consultant or resource who will provide service to our clients. This is part of our service commitment to our clients. Our clients benefit by focusing on hiring the right personnel with the skill sets they want.
Screening & Assessment
Relationship Management
Our Unique Features
We take pride in the fact that our business offers some unique features to our clients. We like to call them UFeatures. These features make us distinguish our services as compared to our competitors.
In order to ensure that the right candidate is resourced for our client, we at Resource Bulls have built a proprietary resource screening and assessment process. This helps us to objectively rate the candidate and make the assessments transparent to our clients. It further results in reduced time to hire for our clients and they are assured of the quality of resources assisting them in their critical organization initiatives.
At Resource Bulls Inc, it is our belief that relationships are the fuel that feeds the success of our business.This is the reason we pay special attention in maintaining and developing these relationships right from the hiring, on-boarding, project life cycle to termination phase not only with the resources we hire but also with our clients. Our clients benefit by getting the resources back with whom they have worked earlier. It provides a sense of security and comfort to our clients.
Flexible Pricing
In this day and age, nothing is constant. So why should the cost be. We believe that every need has its own price and we ensure that we are flexible to that extent. 
Our clients enjoy flexibility in the finder's fees management based on their resource requirements. This provides them with the cost advantage as compared to our competitors.
Our proprietary screening and assessment methodology combined with cost options gives our clients superior advantage in executing their critial IT initiatives.
Technical Recruiters
In order to understand if the resource skills are valid, it is important that the recruiter has some knowledge of the subject. This is the reason we staff recruiters who have technology background and can understand our client requirements up to the mark.